Touching Africa

Touching Africa is proud to be associated with the Haraka Wildlife Initiative.

Touching Africa is an organisation built up over a period of more than 30 years that gives a corporate framework to a dream of making a difference in Africa. The dream is to contribute to sustainable growth and development, to ultimately realize the full potential and calling of Africa on a global scale. It is achieved through the integration of the following three sectors: 1. Network of more than 500 like-minded vision-based businesses, organisations and individuals; 2. Need in the African community and society; 3. Funding and supporting mechanisms. This creates a trustworthy platform for investment and trade in order to change society.

Projects, programmes and services are then implemented through one (or more) of seven primary co-operatives, namely:

  1. Integrated Development Services
  2. Trade and Tourism
  3. Agricultural Services
  4. Enterprise Development
  5. Training and Education Services
  6. Corporate and Business Services
  7. Community and Social Development Services.

The diagram below summarises this process:

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Touching Africa has representatives in almost every economic industry sector, namely:

  • Agriculture, agribusiness and food
  • Water, sanitation and waste
  • Mining and minerals
  • Alternative energy
  • ITC, ICT and software development
  • Trade, tourism, conservation and hospitality
  • Entertainment and media
  • Financial services, banking and funding
  • Construction
  • Health care
  • Education and training
  • Sport and recreation
  • Faith-based
  • Manufacturing
  • Social services
  • Business services
  • Rural and urban development

Below is a selection of solutions and services rendered by the different professional network businesses and initiatives, relevant to the Haraka Wildlife Initiative:

  • Integration and alignment between all skills, services and solutions
  • Programme, project and fund management
  • Scientists and engineers involved with solutions in water supply, sanitation, alternative energy, human settlement, communication and security
  • Invest Rural with investment in rural communities through traditional leadership, providing water, sanitation and agriculture development
  • Integrated agriculture solutions across the entire value chain for commercial as well as community based agriculture development
  • Strategic regional integrated planning through town and regional planners
  • Wildlife and conservation management, training and skills transfer
  • Access of the unbanked to the Co-Operative Financial Institution
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Education and training programmes
  • Legal services
  • Financial services
  • Media and entertainment
  • Enterprise development
  • Community and social development services.

Herewith a selection of existing on-going community and social development projects that can be duplicated as part of the HWI, if and where relevant:

  • Seboni: vegetable gardens and creative training centre.
  • Real Life Centre, Ahava School: school, training and skills transfer.
  • BEEP: entrepreneurship training.
  • STOP: human trafficking.
  • Banna Ba Kae and iDuc: gender based violence.
  • Touching Africa Zambia: Community based agriculture and food production.
  • Anti-bully: campaign at schools throughout SA.
  • King’s Institute: on-line higher education.
  • Potch Programme for change: shelter development and job creation.
  • We Move Lifestyle: lifestyle programmes through sport, art, fitness, motivation and business programmes.
  • Sizanani: health, social and sustainable livelihood programmes.
  • Invest Rural: stimulate local development in rural areas through traditional leaders.
  • Metsi-a-Batho: water supply to communities, including operation and maintenance as well as source development
  • Dignity-through-Housing: taking existing houses, big or small, and further restore dignity by the development of amenities such as on-site water, sanitation, alternative energy, communication and security solutions.

Touching Africa functions within the following operational principles:

  1. We undertake to acknowledge our Faith Conviction as point of departure in all our operations.
  2. Our Ethical Commitment is to adhere to the ethical code for businesses as defined by the Unashamedly Ethical Agreement – to manage and administrate all actions with integrity.
  3. We commit to the principles of sustainability to meet the needs of the present without compromising resources for future generations.
  4. We undertake to live out our purpose with passion as driving force on all levels of activities.
  5. We honor small beginnings within the understanding of the bigger picture.
  6. We value the power of visionary unity, although we treasure the rich diversity in our midst.
  7. We cultivate an open mind-set in order to have a cross-cultural approach within the diverse community of Africa.
  8. We advocate a holistic approach during all development in order to ensure an integrated intervention to the benefit of the African community.
  9. We undertake to acknowledge the importance of the end user in all services rendered.
  10. We commit that our project actions will be shaped by the recognition that ownership must be taken by project beneficiaries, in order to ensure sustainability.

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