We are a small NGO and PBO who provide clean drinking water to rural primary schools and communities by means of a children’s merry-go-round called a PlayPump.  As the children play on it, clean drinking water is pumped into a storage tank for immediate use or to be drawn off later.  We have over 900 in South Africa.

How we work, is we find an existing borehole at a primary/secondary school and explain to the principal/SGB how the PlayPump works.  If they are happy to proceed we then test the borehole to make sure the water is sustainable and also fit for human consumption.  We do not drill boreholes, so need an existing borehole.

We do not normally look for a borehole until we have a donor prepared to sponsor one.  The cost of the of the PlayPump is R140 000 which includes :-

  • Borehole identification and community liaison
  • Testing of borehole to make sure it is sustainable and fit for human consumption, with a written report from a recognized laboratory
  • All equipment, above and below, ground, including roundabout head, tank, tank stand, tap, cylinders, rods, columns, pipes etc.
  • Delivery to site and installation by our trained teams.  There is no cost to school or community

Subject to donor funding maintenance of the PlayPumps, some of which are 20 years old.  The first PlayPumps were installed in 1997.