Values Statement


It is Haraka’s vision to see Africa’s communities thrive in their role in the conservation of Africa’s wildlife and to see those communities lead the way to future, innovative conservation approaches. But most of all, it is Haraka’s vision to see the eradication of poaching through its innovation approach to community-led conservation.


It is Haraka’s mission to identify and facilitate collaborative partnerships with likeminded organisations and individuals who value investing in conservation programmes that put communities at the heart of development, are  sustainable, innovative and promote a progressive approach. It is Haraka’s dream to play an instrumental role in changing the way conservation programmes are structured and received in future societies.


1. Community and Environment

Haraka strives to improve the lives of people from Africa’s diverse communities, protect the wildlife that these communities live side by side with, and conserve the unique flora that finds itself under threat. Haraka values the synergy of community involvement in the conservation of local fauna and flora.

2. Integrity and Transparency

Haraka strives to be transparent in all its endeavours, to be approachable, honest, and respectful of diverse communities and our impact, while tackling challenges.

3. Collaboration

Haraka values collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations that share our Vision, Mission and Values.

4. Responsible and Professional

Haraka strives to exceed expectations, to be accountable for its actions and to perform every task professionally.

2. Innovation

Haraka understands the value of innovation. We therefore strive to keep improving, to be creative, flexible and adaptable.