The pillar that ensures financial aid to approved beneficiaries

The HARAKA solution is based on collaborating with various role-players in order to establish profitable commodities and service delivery-based business initiatives driven to ensure maximum benefit for this purpose.

The SANParks Honorary Rangers’ relevant rhino conservation initiatives are the exclusive beneficiary of The Haraka Wildlife Initiative.


Africa Fresh Trading (t/a Africa Fresh Coffee)
Africa Fresh Coffee (AFC), a proudly Africa coffee company represents, quite simply, the freshest African Coffee on the planet. We source only the highest quality coffee beans, all grown and harvested in rich African soil. Africa Fresh Coffee was born out of a passion for empowering people and uplifting communities through collaborative efforts. It is our quest to see communities transcend poverty and to have their quality of life improved and sustained through trade, and not aid.

Africa Fresh Coffee is a premier supplier of 100% African Arabica coffee beans to the world, while investing in and empowering the people at the source and the special projects we are involved with, such as The HARAKA Wildlife Initiative, birthed to support the anti-poaching SANParks Honorary Rangers who are the bravest heroes of our generation, protecting the fragile existence of our precious and iconic African rhino species.

Sourcing: We only offer Africa’s best coffees available to us directly from the Africa Coffee Belt countries (100% Arabica, Single Origin, Direct Trade, Premium – “from soil to sip”) – an authentic Proudly Africa affair. We have a wide selection of topflight single origin coffees as well as carefully handcrafted blends. As the saying in the coffee business goes, “You’re only as good as your beans”.

Roasting: We work exclusively with South Africa’s award-winning, small-batch, independent roasters who are renowned for the care they take during the roasting process, with absolutely NO additives or any other processing aids added or used. Coffee from each country within the African Coffee Belt requires unique roasting parameters to draw out their unique flavour. This is why we insist that beans from each of our origins are individually roasted before the blending process to create coffee that is consistent and balanced.

Our roasters are passionate experts and entrepreneurs.
We believe in helping them to grow their businesses as they serve to grow ours.
Freshness: Roasted to order guarantees the freshest coffee. Delivered within a week of roasting, your coffee pours better, holds its cream for longer and ensures that every cup is filled with a rich and delicious flavour.

Accessories: We have hand selected innovative, fun and creative coffee accessories and equipment. Accessories include tabletop roasters, in-house coffee makers, grinders, plungers, venture & camping mugs, measure-spoons, and more.

Africa Fresh Coffee’s responsibilities
Africa Fresh Coffee is responsible for product development and supply, including, sourcing, roasting and packaging of all coffee-related products, accessories and equipment that will be sold online through a careful selection of national and international outlets and partnerships.